Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 21st February 2011

Outside my window ... it has been a thoroughly miserable cold, wet, muddy  February day. 

I am thinking ... it is time to get back into gear with blogging. I enjoyed posting more regularly, but I haven't managed to work out good blogging times since I started my course. 

From the learning rooms ... half term. Lots of reading practice of Cherub - her choice. She likes us to pick words in story books for her to read. Very good for her reading skills, but not so good for keeping the flow of the story! 

I am thankful ... for the safe arrival of Melanie's new little Anthony. 

From the kitchen ... baked potatoes and chilli tonight. Warming food for a cold and nasty day. 

I am wearing ... dark grey cord trousers, black long sleeved t-shirt, black and white striped socks, earrings. 

I am creating ... my aran cardigan and mountain view cardigan. The first sleeve of the aran is nearly finished, and I am half-way up the body of the mountain view. Lots of reading, lots of knitting! 

I am going ... to buy Angel's old phone from her. She bought a new one (at least, a new-to-her one from ebay) as she decided she hated relying on a touchscreen keyboard. I have been testing out the old one for a few days and as an Apple fan yearning for an iPhone, I'm surprised how much I like it. Saves her having to sell it to repay me for doing the ebay purchase for her. 

I am reading ... The Secret Diary of a New Mum (age 43 1/4) by Ceri Rosen. Light, entertaining reading for someone who was a third time mum aged 45 3/4. 

I am hoping ... this is the last fling of the cold season. Angel had one last week, which she has passed on to Cherub and I. 

I am hearing ... the news on TV.

Around the house ... laundry drying (hard to believe today that I was able to hang laundry outside a couple of times last week); tidy(ish) girls' bedrooms as the two older ones tackled their messy disaster zones today. 

One of my favourite things ... Cadbury's caramel bunnies. It is the chocolate egg and bunny season again. Any liturgical qualms disappear after one bite of bunny. (Ooh! That sounds bad!) 

A few plans for the rest of the week ... dental appointments for everyone tomorrow morning, and an optician's appointment for Angel in the afternoon. Half-term socialising for Angel and Star. No other real plans for half-term entertainment, which is probably just as well given Cherub's and my colds. An international meal with our neighbours on Saturday - we are responsible for dessert. 

A picture thought I am sharing ... skipping this as I am out of time and don't have any ideas for a photo to share. 

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Pamela said...

What country is on the agenda for the international meal?

Shandon Belle said...

Hi! Have you seen our proposal for a Holy Year for Nuns?

We've be very glad if you would adopt it and promote it.

We'd also love it if you could add us to your list of blogs.

God bless you!