Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

We all have coughs and colds again - nothing major, just the winter snuffles, but irritating all the same. Cherub is pretty much over hers, but Angel is home sick today. Star is the only one without a cold, but still can't bend the thumb she hit with a hammer on Sunday. Don't ask.

--- 2 ---

If you were wondering what paint colour we settled on for the living room, the answer is Apricot White, which looks like a slightly peachy cream. Our first attempt was with Southern Stone, which instead of the warm, pale stone colour it looked on the tin, turned out to have a decidedly grey tinge.

--- 3 ---

I bought a couple of deep coloured cushions from IKEA with a square pattern in red, pink, rust and gold. With deep red curtains and some accessories to pick up the colours in the cushions, I'm hoping for a warm and cosy effect. For summer I'm thinking I can switch the curtains with 0ur old lightweight cream ones, find cushion covers in springlike colours and play with accessories to create a nice light and airy effect.

--- 4 ---

In our efforts to avoid the paint, Cherub and I have spent quite a bit of this week hanging out at my mother's. On Tuesday we got there while Grandma was out. I got Cherub a drink and she headed into the living room while I made myself a coffee. Seconds later, she shot out in a panic ... "there's a horrible animal in there! A horrible animal!" You would think after two and a half years she would have got used to the idea that Grandma has a cat.

--- 5 ---

Cherub definitely takes after Tevye. On another occasion she walked into Grandma's living room, looked round and announced "It's nice and tidy in here!". Unfortunately, her appreciation of tidiness doesn't extend to tidying up her toys.

--- 6 ---

I was given an amaryllis plant for Christmas. Ready planted, water once a week. Should be easy, shouldn't it? Nope. Too much of a challenge for my black thumbs. Two mistakes so far. (1) I didn't realise it was already planted. By the time we opened the box the poor thing was doing its best to grow in the dark but was pale and stunted. (2) I can't work out how or where I am supposed to water it. And anyway, what day of the week should I water it on? It is still showing faint signs of life, so I guess I should try.

--- 7 ---

The days are getting lighter. Not much yet, but enough to feel that spring may not be too far away. Can't. Wait.

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Theresa said...

So funny about the horrible cat!LOL! Send her our way, then she'll see some REAL horrible animals!(and I don't mean JBug and SB)LOL!
And can I just say...does EVERYONE have an IKEA but me? So not fair.