Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Counting Cherub Style

Little Cherub likes to count. She has got the idea of one-to-one correspondence and can count quite accurately except for one problem. She has decided she doesn't like the numbers four, five, six and seven.

"Cherub, how many fingers do you have?"

She holds out her hand and counts earnestly ...
"One ... two ... three ... eight ... nine"

If she is in a particularly mellow mood and I ask her what comes after three, she will answer four ... but more often she simply looks mutinous. The sort of look that says "you can call it four if you like, but I know better and I am going to count my way!"

Isn't she going to be fun to home educate!


Dorothy said...

Remember the 'Stealth Education' we talked about on that field trip years ago? You might be using those techniques again!

Karen E. said...

I love two year olds. :-)

Shari said...

She'll be easy enough to educate once you get over these silly notions you have about numbers!