Thursday, December 06, 2007

A moment of weakness

Inspired by these posts from Theresa at La Paz Home Learning and Rebecca at A Gypsy Caravan, I had rapped myself firmly over the knuckles for being a heedless Christmas shopper and determined to be more thoughtful and creative in future (too late for this year). I even bookmarked things to consider next year for Little Cherub as an alternative to chain-store bought, made-in-China, plastic "stuff".

So what happens? I buy a beanie Iggle Piggle to slip into Little Cherub's stocking. Iggle Piggle is the "star" of In The Night Garden, the BBC's latest offering for toddlers, which makes the Magic Roundabout look like pacy, incisive drama. The wonder is that any episode can be drawn out for an entire thirty minutes (Iggle Piggle falls asleep in Upsy Daisy's bed ... Upsy Daisy is upset ... Iggle Piggle wakes up ... everyone hugs and is happy ... Upsy Daisy goes to sleep ... recap plot for those who may have missed it). The BBC, however, apparently knows its market. Little Cherub is entranced every evening for a very convenient half hour between dinner and bath time.

So much for my good Christmas shopping intentions. Though I suppose I did say next year.

And yes, Iggle Piggle is made in China. At least he isn't plastic.

How weak am I?

In my own defence I do try to stick to toys that are creative or have good play value, and I loathe anything electronic with noises or flashing lights. Also I'm not anti-plastic as such - we love Playmobil. I just want to change the balance a bit and look for more beautiful and unusual toys, and more creative gifts for the older girls.


Romany said...

But...but...MR WAS pacy and incisive!

I first learned the word 'terse' from MR. I remember it clearly!

Dougal was feeling particularly terse that day. {g}

The Bookworm said...

I'm impressed there is someone out there who understood the Magic Roundabout. I remember it as having a kind of mental sedative effective - nothing much happened, so you just sat there and chilled.

Boing went Zebedee ...

Karen E. said...

I find it hard to balance all the choices ... plastic or not, handmade or not, and on and on. Doing what I can ... and so are you. Don't be too hard on yourself, busy-mom-of-three!