Friday, March 24, 2006


Much excitement in our household. The dance school the girls attend is run by a young and enthusiastic teacher, who works hard to both challenge and enthuse her pupils. She is also a talented choreographer and considers some experience of choreography an important part of dance training. Angel came home from her dance class yesterday clutching a letter announcing a new Summer Choreography Competition at the school. Open to anyone from age seven up (the under sevens get to do improvisation instead), they can choose the size of their group (solo, duet, trio) and style of dance (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, national or acrobatic), and multiple entries are allowed. Angel is thrilled ... as she put it "I love choreographising". Er, that would be "choreographing" dear! Her dancing friends are equally enthusiastic. So far she has plans for a modern dance quartet with three friends - "It will be OK if we practice here, won't it, Mum?" - a duet of some sort with another friend, and an acrobatic duet with Star. They have four months to work on their dances. I foresee a lot of "Watch this, Mum!", and "How does this look?" between now and July!

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