Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back on the wagon

I fell off the Motivated Mom wagon.

I got back on FlyLady.

I fell off FlyLady.

I wallowed in a failed housewife mess for several months. I got pregnant and was ... too ... tired ...

Now I am no longer tired and I am motivated. I have downloaded my Motivated Mom planner for 2008 and I am so very thoroughly motivated I have even started early (I adapted the pages for next December). I downloaded the whole kit-and-caboodle. Daily planner pages with chores, space for a menu plan and even a plan for reading the entire Bible in a year. At only £4 ($8) for a full year of daily plans I don't have any difficulty justifying the expenditure.

I do think I am better suited to Motivated Moms than any other house control system I have seen. I simply don't see what needs to be done ... or if I do see it, I then forget about it. I like FlyLady for decluttering, but I do better with a simple checklist for basic household tasks. I like being able to check one or two items off if I have a few minutes to spare. I can also pick out more toddler friendly tasks as necessary. I just have to remember to look at what I have done and not get demoralised by things I don't get to, or if I have a few bad days.


Elizabeth Foss said...

Oh, you're tempting me! I adapted MM a couple of years ago and did my own thing. But I fell off that wagon. Maybe it's time for someone to tell me what to do again. I find MM much simpler to follow than FlyLady. FLYlady is too cluttered for me;-). Do keep us posted on how you're finding it this time around. Maybe I'll join you.

Elizabeth Foss said...

Did you know that if you send them your Transaction ID from your 2008 planner, they'll send you the rest of 2007? Pretty cool.

The Bookworm said...

Ooh! Thank you! I never noticed that. I should have read the whole email ;).