Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Quick Takes


1. On Tuesday we had new carpet fitted in the living room, hall, stairs and landing and all the work we have been doing on the house this year was supposed to be finished. Not. The fitters drove nail into a wire under the floorboards near our bedroom door and shorted the electrics. Easily fixed, but they decided (reasonably!) that the wire was in an unsafe place, didn't meet regulations, and would have to be moved before they would put down the carpet on the landing. That meant the rest of the week living with underlay upstairs, two visits from the electrician, and now we are waiting for the carpet fitters to come back again next Tuesday to finish off. I'm very grateful we have been able to make lots of long overdue improvements to the house this year, but I have had enough of sharing my home with a stream of workmen and I'm looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy.

2. Within an hour of the carpet fitters leaving, I tipped over a large vase of flowers. Yes, onto the new carpet. Water everywhere. Fortunately, it was clean water.

3. The summer holidays start today. Angel has to go into school this morning, but as I am taking her out for lunch and she is then going to a friend's for a sleepover it should pretty much count as holiday. Tevye is taking Star and her friend to London for lunch at My Old Dutch. The girls want to go window shopping. Lucky Tevye!

4. I have discovered Ravelry. I've seen it mentioned by other knitters many times, but never got round to checking it out. This week I finally signed up. How did I survive as a knitter for over forty years without it? Imagine an endless selection of patterns (both knitting and crochet), an online space to store all your knitting information, and a kind of knitters' Facebook, all rolled into one. And more! I heart Ravelry.

5. I also heart the Next online sale. I bought ahead on clothes for Cherub for the coming winter and next summer: three pairs of joggers, two skirts, four long sleeved tops, two t-shirts, and two jackets ... all for £42.

6. Cherub likes numbers and counting, but is bamboozled by anything past twenty. This is entertaining when she plays shops ...

"How much do I have to pay, Cherub?"
"Ten pounds forty-sixty-seventy!"

And she likes pretending to tell the time ...

"What's the time, Cherub?"
"It's eight past nine twenty-one."

7. I think the older girls are frustrated would-be trapeze artists. They have been doing things with the swing in the garden that the swing is definitely not intended for. Angel has an impressive series of bruises across her stomach as a result. Don't ask.

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Debbie said...

Isn't Ravelry the MOST addicting thing. I don't know what I did without it! Like I really needed another thing to keep me sitting in my chair in front of my computer.Come find me over there, I am 4bookworm.

Lauri said...

Oh, Kathryn! Ravelry is the both evil and wonderful. Gabi and I are both addicted. We're poshknits (Gabi) and sashagregor (me) - we'd love to be "friends". You can also check out Gabi's original knitting patterns there, too.

Apostle to Suburbia said...

Your daughters' schools must have very short summer breaks? Here in the Pacific Northwest US, the public school students have been out since mid-June and return the first week of September. I find myself going over your posts about sending your kids back to school--as we are considering making the same decision. My oldest is almost 12 and would just be starting middle school/6th grade; probably a good time for her to make the transition. Your posts about your homeschooled kids' reentry to state school have been very helpful.

Frabjous Days said...

Commiserations on the workmen -- hope it's all over soon!